about madson design

Madson Design is a building design studio in San Francisco specializing in residential remodels, additions, and new custom homes. We have completed projects in over twenty municipalities of Northern California, covering the Bay Area, Central Valley, and the Sierra foothills.

In projects ranging from a “19th century” farmhouse to a Craftsman bungalow to a postmodern urban home, our credo is to embrace all aesthetics as reflections of a common goal: a home that brings both comfort and interest to your daily life.

Our services include:
The full residential building design process, from initial sketches and consultation to permit-ready plans
Construction administration
Interior design assistance
Site design

We provide efficient, thoughtful, and budget-conscious service by way of a comprehensive design process, which results in a dwelling place that is truly yours. Respecting the dynamics of the creative process, and with a constant attentiveness to the psychological nuances within both the process and the resulting product, our designs evoke both the quiet calm and the stimulation of any studied art.

To peruse some examples of my work, see my project gallery. To read what past and present clients have to say about my work, see their testimonials. If you would like to discuss your project with me, or have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact me.