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American Homestead, Revisited

Plan ID: D202

The Basics: 3291 Square feet | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bath | 0 Garage stalls |2 Levels

Plan cost: Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this plan.

Project Description

Two old farmhouses stand for a century side by side, simple, Spartan structures  against a backdrop of the rural American landscape.  A visionary new owner sees the old homes’ potential:  A new glass and exposed timber breezeway is added to unify the two buildings.  Further integrating the two is a new open kitchen and dining room, infusing new life and natural light into old  spaces.

That was the concept—a faux history—going into this new home’s design. It evolved from observing, again and again, how old habitations have been adapted over a century or more, lending to these spaces a settled, comfortable quality. Conversely, these old homes were imbued with an exciting dynamic, where one could both see and sense an evolving culture, the past integral in the present: These are spaces dynamically imbued with a sense of change, yet all the more stable and rooted because of it.

This is the intrigue and quality I aspired to capture in this new home, with an architectural model that has proven to be flexible and enduring over the centuries. The American farmhouse continues to evolve in our valuation: Once a nostalgic throwback, now it has become a new symbol of the minimalist, just-as-much-as-we-need-and-no-more aesthetic. Old utility becomes the new Modern. So clean lines, open spaces, and ease of flow in this old/new home: the meditative simplicity of the modern blends integrally with the comfort of old traditions.

  • Folk Victorian farmhouse and sleek modern design juxtaposed and fused integrally, inside and out
  • Windowed two-story “breezeway” is a contemporary bridge (and entry) between two “old” farmhouses
  • A quantity of windows throughout, for light and airy openness in both the traditional and contemporary spaces
  • Vaulted dining room opens to exterior on two sides; bifold door systems open up both walls
  • Easy access to attic play space (or storage) from second floor windowed breezeway
  • Flexible, open layout within indoor/outdoor flow
Building Site Considerations

Regarding views: from the master bath tub, back porch, and hallway windows (front-facing) upstairs. The enclosed "sun porch" is well suited for both views and natural light orientation.

Regarding solar path: all rooms have at least two exterior walls, which gives one some flexibility in orienting this home for maximum natural light. The left side, as it has less windows comparatively, would be best oriented in a north, northwest, or northeasterly direction.

A detached garage would be best located on the left side of the home, per the side porch and mudroom.


Total living area: 3291 sq ft.

  • First Floor: 1968 sq. ft.
  • Second Floor: 1323 sq. ft.
Unconditioned area:
  • Garage stalls: 0
  • Covered front porch:71 sq. ft.
  • Covered back porch: 226 sq. ft.
  • Covered side porch: 29 sq. ft
  • Attic (over 5' in height):516 sq. ft.
Number of Rooms:
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Full Baths: 3
  • Half Baths: 0

Number of Stories: 2

  • Width: 67’-3”
  • Depth: 36’-10”
  • Height: 32’-8”

Ceiling heights: Various: 9' flat ceilings and vaulted w/ exposed rafters

  • Pitch (main): 12:12 & 4:12
  • Framing: Stick
  • Type: Standing seam metal

Exterior Wall Construction: 2x6

Exterior Materials:
  • Dutch lap siding, white
  • Board & batten siding
  • Standing seam metal roof
Plan Content

All plans are drawn at 1/4" scale and are annotated and dimensioned. These plans include:
  • Floor plan for each level
  • Four exterior elevations
  • Two building sections
  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • Lighting / electrical plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Construction details
  • Interior elevations