Bay Area Modern

Project scope: Whole house remodel

Construction completed: Summer 2012

General contractor: Gerry LaBeck: Sierra Cascade Builders

Landscape Design: Carolyn Price: East Bay Botanicals

Color Consultant: Anna Cesario: Saucy Design

Interior Tile Supplier: Artistic Tile & Stone

Location: South San Francisco, California

What began as a straightforward 'updating' to this 1968 suburban tract home evolved over time into a complete re-envisioning. The result was an 'organic contemporary' aesthetic, alluding to both the home's vintage and to a Bay Area aesthetic of minimalism and clean geometry implemented with natural materials.

The project scope was to turn a four bedroom, two bath home into a three bedroom/ three bath home. Additionally there was a substandard existing basement addition that was to be incorporated into the conditioned area of the home, adding one more bedroom and bathroom. The family room, kitchen, and dining area were all low-ceiling, dark rooms, isolated from each other. We removed the majority of walls, raised the ceilings, and added windows, doors, and skylights to locations that took best of advantage of the available natural light. The exterior was to be fully transformed also, including a new hardscape and landscape layout.

The style is modern yet warm and textural; clean-lined and minimalist, yet not without some reflections of vintage aesthetics. Wood, glass, and stone were used carefully to create airy, open, comfortable spaces that flow seamlessly from one to the next, while still providing a sense of enclosure and embrace. Sight lines and framing of views provide a sense of ease and flow, while macro- and micro- echoes of geometric motifs convey a sense of play throughout.

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