Take out some walls, and voila!

Project scope: Remodeled kitchen and dining area

Construction completed: Winter 2008

General contractor: David Curtis

Location: Mountain View, California

This project is a fine example of how the character and quality of a home can change dramatically by removing a few interior walls and integrating previously separated spaces. Although only a few square feet were borrowed from the garage, the home’s new interior feels substantially larger than it had previously. The kitchen, dining area, and living room were combined, allowing easier social interaction and flow between all areas of the house.

The kitchen was enlarged in both counter area and storage. The few feet taken from the garage allowed a walk-in corner pantry, more uninterrupted counter area, and, somewhat secluded from the rest of the space, a built-in desk. A new skylight centered in the kitchen brings natural light into this once darkened corner of the house.

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