photo of Mountain View Kitchen Remodel


"James Madson's service included the planning, designing and oversight of the construction of my home. Home design is primarily driven by creative ideas, but in order to achieve this, certain practical elements such as cost and construction must be considered. After communicating my design ideas to James, he would immediately address the issue of feasibility and cost, as well as function and aesthetics. James’ familiarity with the “in’s and out’s” of construction definitely streamlined the design process, allowing me to realize my dream within budget, while providing me the tangible results I was looking for. As an owner-builder, and aspiring general contractor, I really appreciated his outstanding knowledge and service."

Daniel Jones
Esparto, CA

"When we first began to work with James, I was impressed by his clear desire to understand us and what we were looking for in our home. The various early designs reflected a wide variety of options, yet were consistent with our general concept for a home. The final result is the home that fits our family perfectly that we intend to spend the rest of our life in."

Annette Whiteford
Davis, CA