photo of Mountain View Kitchen Remodel

" James, you did an outstanding job and the design came out to be absolutely beautiful. From my personal perspective, you have the following strengths:

  • Your designs are beautiful and you work with the client to make sure they achieve an optimum balance between aesthetics and cost. You were very good about pointing out areas that we should not compromise on that turned out not to be too expensive. For example the view from the back yard is gorgeous and at the time I was proposing a very boring design just to save a few bucks.
  • You are very responsive, easy to work with and you have a soothing demeanor. Remodels are stressful to say the least and your “bedside manner” is very comforting.
  • You are very open to taking suggestions and working with a lot of differing opinions, but you help keep the focus on key aesthetic considerations. You are a good “Aesthetics Cop”.
  • You are very reasonable in every respect, from your pricing to your ideas, to your ability to assess trade-offs.

We would recommend you to anyone--"

Andy and Eva Dobrov
Palo Alto, CA